Looking for a job?

We know how discouraging and exhausting searching for a new job can be, and also how much time it takes.

If you're having a hard time finding time to apply for job listings while juggling your current job and social life, contact us! We will guide you through the entire employment process and direct you according to your skills and desires.

Do you need new employees?

We mediate in employment, specialize in recruitment and selection, and supply employers with quality workforce. 

If you are looking for workers to fill vacancies in your company, to be more competitive and productive, contact us! We search for employees according to your needs, and you make the final decision on candidate selection.

Valuable recognition of our quality.

Numerous years of work and experience of quality associates leave a mark in our collaboration. Continuous dedication at a high level over time yields excellent results, and thus, ours has not gone without valuable recognition. 

Who are we?

Global Business Compounds is a specialized temporary employment agency based in Zagreb. We provide complete administrative, technological, and process support for temporary employment in all activities in accordance with the Croatian Labor Law.

The aim of our business is to connect able-bodied individuals who are looking for employment in various fields, and serious employers who need assistance and excellent support in selecting and managing human resources.

For candidates

We monitor and advise the employee from the moment of application to the departure to the workplace.

For employers

We profile the ideal employee in cooperation with the employer and carry out recruitment and selection activities.


We provide a professional, efficient, and flexible service that includes outsourcing, administrative services, as well as education and consulting services.

Career advice

With our advice, position yourself better on the job market.

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Our services

Our service involves assistance in obtaining work permits and visas, complete care for the application and employment process, unlimited support for adaptation to the new environment, and ultimately professionalism and fairness in the business relationship between our applicants and employers.


We provide professional, efficient, and flexible outsourcing services, tailored to each client's needs. We research the job market and offer administrative services in areas such as construction, transportation, maintenance and cleaning services, security, tourism, hospitality, and more.


We offer helpful business advice on writing resumes, job interview etiquette, and preparing applicants for acclimation to a new environment.


We organize training and education for potential candidates in accordance with the requirements and needs of individual countries and employers, and promote the power of ethical business practices across different cultures.

For employers

With a personalized approach, we actively collaborate with the employer throughout the entire selection and recruitment process, and adapt to specific requirements and conditions.

We profile the ideal employee in collaboration with the employer and carry out recruitment and selection activities, following these steps:

  • Finding the best and most suitable employees for your company.
  • We perform the demanding process of selection and recruitment for you.
  • We enable you to get the optimal employee in the shortest possible time.
  • We carry out a standard procedure consisting of collecting and verifying documentation, testing knowledge, checking qualifications, and conducting interviews with potential candidates.
  • We also organize specific tests, if needed, necessary for safe and successful job performance, as well as additional training or group training for the employee.
For candidates
  • We follow and advise you from the moment of application to going to the workplace.
  • We apply for advertised positions in accordance with the worker's desires and abilities.
  • We collect and review documentation.
  • We provide advice and obtain documentation from the relevant institutions with the help of a translator service.
  • We provide advice on working conditions and life in a foreign country and check the conditions of accommodation units.
  • We test language proficiency and if necessary, we offer translation services.
  • We correspond with the employer.
  • We assist in the process of departure and relocation.